A router can be very much helpful if you use it for your office purpose. However, there is a common word among the users that they are good to run five to six machines, but not more than that. This device is made specially to run more than 10 devices at a time. So use this router for your office and get the best support for you and your colleagues and employees.

Advantages of TRENDnet Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

It’s important to know the advantages which you may gain by using this particular router. Here some of the advantages of this special router is mentioned:

  • You can use them for your office purpose as well as for your home usage, if you are looking for a better bandwidth support.
  • The speed that you will get in this router is up to 3200 MBPS.
  • The coverage of this router is really wide. So, if you are having a wide space in your office, you will get the perfect exposure from it.
  • You will get three shared ports in the device. Hence three desktops can also access internet using the router.

Features and Specification of TRENDnet Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

  • The Wi-Fi speed that you will get from the device is extended till 3200 Mbps. For a processor of 2.4 GHz, you will get the speed of 600 Mbps, whereas in case you are having 5 GHz of processor, you will get 2600 Mbps speed.
  • Wireless speed is also very good with this router.
  • There are three ports in the device, including one with 3.0 USB support
  • Separated Wi-Fi bandwidth support is enabled in the router. So increase or decrease the speed of internet connection easily with the parental control.
  • There are three co-processors in the device, all of which are integrated in the device. The power adapter that is available with the device is having the support of penta-core processor.
  • Get 3 years’ warranty in this device and avail 24 x 7 support from the company in case of any issue you face.

Customer Review of TRENDnet Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

Nearly 108 customers have reviewed this product. The rating Best Gaming Monitors of the product can be stated to be four star, since 78 among the 108 review makers have rated it 4 out of 5. More than 21 answers are available from the end of customers, regarding the product. So be ensured it to be a very good one from the end of company, which is having enough reputation.


In current era when life is technology based, Router is the need of all the small and mid-sized offices too. The best router is that one, which can be accessed from a long distance. This will give the user the chance to use it from all locations in the office premise. Use this router and feel the difference. The style of the device and the five antennas that it has makes the product unique and wide in use.