How to erase Administrator Password on Windows XP?

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How to erase Administrator Password on Windows XP?

Problem: So my mom recently had our computer repaired, and the guy who fixed it composed the Administrator Password on a sheet of paper and gave it to my mother. Later, my mother had lost the password, and now we’re trying to determine how to erase the administrator privileges windows 10 password so we can log on again. Any suggestions on how we could erase the administrator password using a User Account or another way?

Solution from forums

You can’t. You want the Admin password to log on. If you’ve got another user setup you may log on with that user id but you won’t be able to set up new users or change passwords.

In case you’ve got the XP load disc, it is possible to reload the XP operating system. Just bear in mind that you will get rid of everything on the hard drive so remember to copy anything you want to store.

You may want to see the repair shop. For those who have a reception, they may tell you that the password. They probably use the same default password on all the machines that they set up. It’s your responsibility to change it after you take possession of the machine.

You May Want to try some common passwords such as abc123 and admin

My suggestion
Get Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery from the official site. Windows password recovery software gives you a simple and safe to reset forgotten or lost Windows password for various Windows platforms such as Windows XP/Vista/7. The overall steps are listed as below:

Step 1: Download and install Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery.
Step 2: Burn a Windows 7 Password Recovery CD/DVD/USB.
Step 3: Boot from the burnt the Password Retrieval CD/DVD/USB.
Step 4: Reset Windows 7 password under Windows PE.

If you would like to perform Windows XP password reset at no cost, you can decide on some popular free Windows password reset tool, such as Ophcrack and Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

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