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Fancy Fairtrade-certified bananas for your next community event?

Equifruit believes in building partnerships with community & student groups who advocate for fair trade: in 2015 alone, we donated over $4500 in Fairtrade-certified fruit to various partners. Depending on where you live, here is what we may be able to offer:

Fresh fruit:

If you live within our distribution area, we can help you find and make contact with our closest point of sale, to help you purchase fruit for your event. You may also be eligible for a donation, if you meet certain criteria. See our Banana Donation Request Form to get the requirements for a fruit donation at your next event!


If geography permits, we’d love to connect with you and your community! We often give talks about the “mechanics” of fair trade: what makes a fruit fair trade, how does pricing work, and what is the impact of fair trade on our producers’ communities. If distances are too great, let’s see about using technology (such as a webinar) to help us reach your group.

Commercial Advice

Need help convincing the decision makers on your campus or grocery store to offer Fairtrade-certified fruit? Let’s have a conversation about how food service works at your campus. Let’s also discuss strategies on how to approach retailers in your community.


Organising a movie night or need a clip for social media? We can give you film recommendations, and can send you literature on Equifruit and fair trade. Hey, maybe even a tattoo or two as well!

Let’s work together to make bananas fair!


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