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Are bananas good for dogs?

As a pet owner you may be wondering… can my dogs eat bananas?Bananas are good for my Dog

The Answer is YES! Bananas are good for dogs! 

Bananas have a number of qualities that can be a huge benefit for you dogs health:

  1. They are high in fiber; banana can help with canine gastrointestinal problems.
  2. High in potassium; can support heart and kidney functions
  3. Low in sodium and cholesterol; a healthier choice than fatty of salty treats
  4. High in B6 and vitamin C!

Don’t feed your doe too many bananas though!

Bananas are high in sugar and high fiber can lead to constipation. Don’t feel your purrfect pup the banana peel – especially if it is conventional (non-Organic). Banana pesticides and insecticides are rampant in the non-Organic market. Don’t give puppys bananas without checking with your vet first!

Always talk to you vet about your dog’s specific needs!

Get Fairtrade Certified bananas for your dog. 

Fairtrade banana ensure that producers are getting a fair price for their crops. Younger generations are abandoning farming because international bananas trade are extremely exploitative. Buying Fairtrade bananas is one way to help preserve and gurantee that our dogs will be enjoying bananas for years to come!

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