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Donation Requests for Fairtrade Bananas

Thank you for taking an interest in helping us promote Equifruit Fair Trade Bananas at your event.

Please read through the page carefully to:

(1) Understand the requirements for approving your donation request

(2) Understanding the method of delivery to pick up your donation request

(3) Understand how to collect your reimbursement for your donations

Submit Your Request

Fill out this form and send it to

1 box = 80 - 100 bananas

Understanding Your Donation Process

We ask that you pick up your donations from a local retailer that sells our bananas. Once you send in your donation request you will be contacted by Equifruit staff to arrange the pick up.

Important: you will be required to pay up front for this donation, but don’t sweat, we will reimburse you after your event.

Note: Make sure that you are buying Equifruit bananas! We do not reimburse for another brand.

Equifruit donates bananas in order to help spread awareness of fair trade and the Equifruit brand. 

In return for donations we request that organizations accept the follow agreements:

  1. I must pick up the bananas from the nearest retailer and I will pay up front
  2. I will photograph the case(s) (must be Equifruit cases) and will email a photo to
  3. I will post photos / videos on instagram during the event with my donation and tag @equifruit
  4. I will distribute any promotional materials sent to our event with our donations
  5. I will keep the receipt, scan it and send to Equifruit in order to get reimbursement. Send to:

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