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Bananas (Cavendish): Fairtrade, Organic

Equifruit has been importing certified fair trade and organic bananas since 2007 and …mmmmmmmm YUM, are they good! Organic bananas are a little sweeter and taste creamier than conventional bananas. And then there’s that indescribable taste of social justice which makes them all the sweeter.

For consumers, we’re available across Ontario and Quebec. In Quebec, you can find us in IGA & Sobeys, Rachelle Bery & Avril supermarkets, online at Lufa Farms as well as a bunch of other small natural food stores. In Ontario, find us at Longo’s, Farm Boy and independent stores like The Sweet Potato & Rowe Farms! Click here to see  a complete listing of where you can find our products!

For retailers, our bananas are sold by the case, through our network of distributors. Contact us to learn more!

Product Name: Premium Fresh Organic Bananas

Presentation: 40lb (18.14kg) cases

PLU: 94237

Variety: Class 1 Cavendish

Product Name: Fresh Organic Bananas

Destination: Canada

Availability: Year Round

Organic Certification: Ecocert

Global Gap Control Union

Fairtrade Certification: FLO Cert

Equifruit FLO ID: 5157

Origin: Piura, Peru | El Guabo, Ecuador

Pallet Packing: 6 cases.row & 8 rows per pallet (48 cases)

Case/load 960 cases/load (20 pallets)

Packaging: Corrugated cardboard, polytube

Identification: Equifruit band around each bunch (including Fairtrade, PLU and Organic logo)

Temperature: 13.5 - 14.5 deg. Celsius

Banana Producers:


Equifruit has been working with the Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Banano Organico de Saman y Anexos (APPBOSA)  since our beginnings in 2007. They are cooperative of 400 small producers farming collectively a mere 600 hectares of land in northwest Peru.

APPBOSA’s members gained their land through agrarian reform measures in the 1980s. They were growing cotton at the time, but there was only one customer: the former landowning family who still controlled all aspects of the commercial process. In the late 90s, some of these producers decided to convert their crops to bananas, as opportunities for Fairtrade production became available. APPBOSA was founded in January, 2003 with 108 small producer members, with the objective to export exclusively organic and Fairtrade-certified bananas. They achieved Fairtrade certification in May 2003 and Control Union organic certification, and haven’t looked back since.

Fairtrade has given some measure of independence to these marginalized producers, and the Fairtrade premium has had a significant impact on their working conditions and their communities. They have invested in such things as a cable system to facilitate the transportation of banana bunches to centralized packing houses, as well as numerous projects in local schools and health centres. More on this impact through stories on our blog!


In 2016, Equifruit started working with the El Guabo Association of Small Producers, a cooperative located in El Oro province in southwestern Ecuador. El Guabo’s members produce both conventional and organic Cavendish bananas and banana purée, all produced under Fairtrade conditions.

El Guabo was formed in 1998 with just 14 members and has since grown into a farmer-run cooperative working 1480 hectares of land by 320 small-scale producers and their 430 workers. Through the sale of Fairtrade-certified bananas in international markets, they have grown from marginalized growers into a self-run democratic organization. With the $1 USD/case social premium they receive through the Fairtrade pricing system, El Guabo is working in its local communities with programs in education, health care, senior citizens, environmental projects and infrastructure improvements.