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Our Team

Jennie Coleman


Jennie has been owner / president of Equifruit since 2013. She combines a lengthy career in business with longstanding social justice roots, set during two years’ volunteer work in Namibia in the mid-90s. She loves fair trade for its pragmatic approach to international development. She loves Equifruit for… the fruit (YUM!), the farmers and the fact that something as simple as eating a fair trade banana can have such a positive impact on someone’s life.

Amandine Hance

Operations Manager

Amandine is Equifruit’s operations manager, so she’s the one who deals with the day-to-day stress of getting bananas from point A to point B. (Thank you, Amandine!) She has worked in import/export for more than 15 years. Originally from France, she left her homeland in 2011 with her husband and children for a new life in Quebec, and joined Equifruit soon after. Through her work in our team, Amandine has discovered the more “sustainable” side of international trade, and has become a proud supporter of the fair trade movement.

Kim Chackal

Sales & Marketing Director

Kim joined Equifruit as sales manager in late 2014. After nearly 15 years of sales experience in marketing, advertising and catering, she wanted to be more connected on a social justice level. She loves the challenge of convincing Canadian customers to put farmers first. Kim brings to the table relentless optimism, contagious enthusiasm and an irrevocable passion for fair trade.

Michelle Gubbels

Supply Chain Manager

Michelle joined the Equifruit team in October 2015. After spending 2 years in Central & South America while studying & working with Fair Trade artisans, she returned to Toronto as the Produce Buyer & Farm Coordinator for a major Toronto food box programme. Michelle started as Equifruit’s Project Manager and has since moved into supply chain management and sourcing. Her Toronto-based position involves new product development, new and existing producer relations, managing cold chain logistics, and when needed, providing operational & sales support in the London to Kingston corridor. If she’s not skipping through beautiful fields of produce, you’ll find her outdoors on hiking & biking trails in Ontario!

Madison Hopper

Marketing Manager

Madison’s passion is telling the fair trade story to a variety of audiences. She thrives on helping others understand their potential in creating a better world for those who grow and manufacture our products. We can make this world better, one fair trade banana at a time!